Your obsessions, ready to use.


If something piques your interest even the slightest, just grab it. You never know when you might need it!


Keep your items in order with a separate hoard for each category. If it makes sense to you, go for it!


Connect ClipHoarder to OneDrive or Dropbox and get access to your content anywhere!

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Still got some questions?

Some commonly asked questions below

What’s a hoard?
A hoard is a collection of your stuff. Create separate hoards or just keep it all in one. Up to you.
Why should I hoard?
“Hmm I wish I had saved that piece of content. That would be REALLY helpful right now.” Sound familiar?
What can I hoard?
If you can copy it, ClipHoarder can handle it. We’ll keep it safe and sound until you’re ready to use it.
Where is my hoard stored?
ClipHoarder content is only stored locally on the device. You can also sync ClipHoarder with Dropbox or OneDrive for easy access anywhere.